Electra O Banana or Beginners Only

The Electra Ticino 7 incorporates a host of geometry tricks that are very different from traditional diamond frame bikes but essentially this bike is an all legs, flat land bike. The long wheel base, long fork rake and trail and swept back  handlebar puts your legs to work. Since this bike is aimed at new cyclist or older people who re-enter the bike scene, making the rider feel less than sporty may be reason enough to rethink this style for a more experienced rider. On flat ground the 7 speed is geared high enough to move right along at 24kph. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the bike is a dog on the hills.

Don’t confuse this bike with the Townie that uses flat foot  technology . One of the claims of flat foot technology is that your back, neck and arms don’t get as tired. The Ticino 7 could claim this as well. I discovered in a short ride up hill  that the legs do all the work because the riding posture does not engage either the back, neck or arms. It was as if my hands just clamped onto the handlebar and my lifeless torso became a dead weight added to my pumping legs. It is not a pretty sight to exhaust all your options when the key selling point is comfort. If I want comfortable do I also have to compromise  basic performance? My Schwinn  3 speed, a step through frame, has better climbing ability and better performance, and it too is easy on the back, neck and arms.

The Ticino 7 speed can easily be overlooked by the uninitiated buyer in a sea of bikes. The stretch frame looks different than other bikes and when asked, retailers have one word to describe the Ticino 7. Comfort.  That may be enough to sell to some people. For others we will have to up the anti or make it ourselves.

Well that pretty much wraps up “sticking it to the Man” as my daughter would say. But, I can’t leave you with that kind of attitude so check out some stellar bikes at Passhunter. These are inspirational and you won’t find them in any showroom


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