City of Lakes

This is the monster pothole as seen in daylight. The other night when I was unawares and stubborn, I hit this thing at slow speed in our Subaru sending shock waves throughout the car. My son to his credit told me to take another route but, nooooo I was so sure I was right. Not this time. Ouch. Another good reason to drive less. As I understand the outlook for Spring is to prepare for the road repair season and the impact  to city of lakes driving. Forecast is slow moving traffic. I may as well get used to riding my bike everywhere. Cars aren’t going any faster than me. And WTF I’m sure not going to like it when I have to idle in hot traffic and all the other time consuming rituals we go through for what? If the bicycle “lobby” is looking to score points they have just been given a boost from city hall. This winter incredibly had better biking conditions than driving and this Spring and Summer are looking up for biking too. It does no good to complain to city hall with their brand new fleet of trucks and a mayor out of touch with “the street.” What excuse will we hear when the pothole budget is exceeded? Like the past 3 months of snow emergency will we only be able to park on one side of the street? What are we paying increased property taxes for anyway? Let this be the year that we drive your car less and park it in the garage off the street and ride our bicycles more. Navigation and tempers might just be more manageable if we do.


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