Bike -O- Worshiper

Off the grid in a Texas desert you still need clean cloths. With no one around, “does anyone know that I smell good”

Former Manhattanite leaves East Coast and is happy he did. Without going to this extreme how would a little lifestyle change work in our lives? Can leaving the car keys at home and hopping on the beater bike be an effort worth pursuing? When we see our neighbors as we ride by them just maybe they will get the idea they can do simple stuff like biking. You know what biking will do for the places you ride through? First, biking is calming, the more bikes the greater calm. Second, the cityscape or wherever you ride is more beautiful because you are in it. Third, everyone of your senses are working at capacity as they were meant to. Lastly, something inside you, whatever you want to call it, the voice, speaks to us that the change in our life is in our control now.


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One response to “Bike -O- Worshiper

  1. This is great. Is that a washing machine? That guy definitely should have left the east coast long ago…!

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