Energy Exchange

How is it that during the past decade  false energy markets continue unabated? The core of the matter is government energy policy which hypes unsustainable renewable energy schemes. Government mandated ethanol hands out billions of dollars in subsidies to such a false energy market. While the ethanol business went bust in 2008, the food commodity corn price increased  negatively affecting global populations. Ethanol decreases mpg and increases gasoline consumption, but government energy policy has increase the mandate to 15% blend.

Should we care that energy policy is a prop for oil consumption and single occupancy automobile use? I think yes and no. Awakening to an awareness of our own consumption of energy is a start. Remember, we are consumers that generally believe we share energy as long as we have our share.  But, lets face it the race is to capture energy. Powerful China for better than two decades has fueled their standards of living and the rest of us with cheap energy, cheap labor and rapid industrialization. Worldwide energy capture is less about the American dream imploding than to fuel world trade in emerging societies. As standards rise in those cultures the standards decline in ours. The positive aspect in our time is that we  feel something for humanity in gratitude or guilt or empathy or anger. The choice is always ours.

What do we get by capturing energy and what is the exchange? Government subsidies for hybrid and electric automobiles? Cheap imported automobiles from China?  Will the worldwide demand for oil create a second class America that leaves us stranded? Are we obliged to police the world so we continue to capture our share? What price is too high, after all we are a country of 300 million people hungry for oil?

Capturing energy is as simple as a swipe of the credit card. The exchange is fairly simple, our work days are spent paying for unfettered mobility. As technology changes the clean electric car has become a promised reality. In a few years inexpensive Chinese auto imports are due to flood the shaky American auto market.  Our reliance for good government and fair priced imported goods is no more than blind trust. Not seeing what hit us will make us second class citizens unless we are personally accountable for our individual energy use.

Only one percent of Americans ride a bike for transportation and those are the people I’m reaching out to. The other 99 percent are who the one percent need to reach. Our energy, the environment and economic situations are based on exchange and for us to give back by using less is the gift we give to our children. Feed your car less and ride your bike more.


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