Made Up Stuff

Some business types I have known call the hours spent driving windshield time. This phrase seems like its a bit outdated with the passing of time and the requisite virtual office. What they implied was time thinking about stuff. Ruminating, imagining, introspecting. Just made up stuff. Meditating. Entertaining. Entire years of windshield time could pass in a career on the road. Possibly, some great ideas or maybe solutions to a pressing problem sprang to life while driving. Times and traffic have changed. But the one thing that is a constant is the average US citizen will spend roughly 4 years behind the wheel in their lifetime.  No wonder the car is referred to as a cage in some circles.

Don’t think that you can escape this fate. The patriotic message continues to persuade us to go on doing what we do for fear that our economy will suffer when we don’t consume oil. We have to believe don’t you think, better  we  are all to totally indulge, like our Boy, the guy of the hour, Charlie Sheen. Drink up Shriners. Charlie is our everyman. We can finally put a face on how things really are in this country. Live large and screw the daylights out of anyone and everyone. Someone will take notice if big money can be made. Charlie is the Gordon Gekko of the moment. Our American Idol.

Wow, just some windshield time in front of the computer; ruminating. Is the blog the new windshield? Naw, don’t think so. I kind of like the bike for most of my made up stuff and imagining.


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