Ultralight Technical Daypack

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I ranted earlier about the biking  biz at REI. I admit to being “the target demographic” at least age wise, for new biking stuff. My opinion is strong about the static handlebar for instance because my fanciest bike started as a flat bar racer. Not anymore. And like some things that you just do for years and years before a light bulb goes off, I have relegated my Messenger Bag to carry on status and overnight luggage. No longer am I going to be stiff shouldered from grocery trips and other errands. The folks at REI have a great little bag for getting done fast trips around town on the bike. I have questioned why I don’t change out my gear all that often, maybe you do to. I now believe I have found the most stellar bag for my use. The key to comfort for this technical daypack is the one piece horseshoe shaped collar and shoulder straps. All the weight seems to melt away. Take a closer look at the slide show. The shopping trip today included even a gallon of milk. Everything laid out in the picture fit neatly into the bag. The 18 litre capacity weighed about 20 pounds. REI says the bag has a sweet spot between 15-25 pounds. What you get with this bag at $29.95 is a much larger capacity than the typical Timbuktu or knock off Messenger bag. Not that I didn’t often squeeze a grocery bag full of stuff in my messenger bag, but the time has come to quit fooling myself that being totally shagged from 2o pounds hanging off one shoulder is nothing less than foolish. So as I go into the next season I’ll be hauling my beer and brats happily packed in my soon to be used Ultralight Technical Daypack.


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