Remember February

Ok, the last day of the month. People say February is the longest month of the year. As history goes February has been event filled. Sure, there is a revolution going on in North Africa. What we see though has gas prices hiking, today, a gallon has risen to $3.50 or about a 11.5 percent. Drop in the bucket increase in my opinion. There is no way consumers are cutting back yet,  in any form. The threshold needs to hit $4.oo per gallon before consumers complain. Seriously, this threshold will not happen in 2011. Opec and the like know greed won’t be tolerated as it was in 2008.  But what are you gonna do when those North African nations are the beneficiary of those increases, while on their way to building a democracy? At least democracy is the hope. But, reality is another thing. The King of Oman, has tried to squealch protestors by paying them off with the promise of 50,000 jobs. Each job seeker would get $386 dollars. What kind of jobs does this King have in mind that he can create out of thin air? The illusionary atmosphere that things will just turn out for the better is not limited to Americans. Job creation in Oman or the recovery act in the US are promises that can’t be kept. Keeping the ear on the ground in the Internet age does not validate everything we read or think. What we do know is peace has been shattered where despots ruled. Nothing will be the same again for better or worse. Throwing support behind the liberators in North Africa can be a personal pledge that cost us nothing. The sense of our world as one place and being one in that place is abstract at the least. Be an expert at living and let the chips fall. Move more and feed your car less. Do motion. Keep your eyes open.


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