Hollywood City Limits

From the acceleration of digital online entertainment is the rapid demise of corporate brick and mortar stores. The vacancy rate for commercial properties is at an all time high across the nation. Remember Circuit City Big Box Bankruptcy two years ago? So, the economic indicators point to lower leasing agreements and falling tax revenues for municipalities. What is a person to do while property sits vacant in your hometown? Are there ways to repurpose a retail outlet into say, shared office space? How about a few vendors that normally would work from home sharing space?
Have you traveled to another part of the world and found that shopping retail is like entering a workshop and you are buying direct? The tower of Hollywood has fallen down on America so to speak. The next wave is small and local activist entrepreneurs who have a stake in their hometowns and cities. It is not just happening in New York and LA. It is happening wherever you are. There is no limit to your City Limits. Do motion and get on your bike and ride. Move more and feed your car less.


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