What must seem like a bygone time just may have to make a re-appearance in urban areas of the United States. Only this time instead of a thumb hitchhikers can use social media Tweeter to hop secure rides. Facebook has earned it’s place in history with the ease of social media fueling transparent non-violent revolution in Egypt. When regimes have turned off the internet the next best social media tool has been Tweeter. With instability in oil prices coming on the heals of new democracies forming in neighboring countries, the oil rich shieks and commodity brokers are speculating like it was 2008 and $4.oo dollar a gallon at the pump. Will fear keep  you in line at the pump  or will loathing inspire you to tweet the next time you want a ride somewhere? You got to admit, as Americans we fear a lot of $hit that poorer peoples don’t. The Clash which is forming in country after country could have been written by punkers. Where divisions of tribes have now come together, where it not for other powers these tribes would still be divided. Social media is here to stay and so new uses like electronic hitchhiking can put a big hole in the Saudi’s Gas Station to the World power playbook. At least get the F#$% out of your car this summer and ride a bike. Less is less.


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