Test Ride Masi

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One more day with dry streets. Yesterday I took a spin around the neighborhood on the repurposed REV 2 Masi. Just getting a feel for the shifter and brakes. Initial set up is good for now. My rider reach is within my limits but I’ll fine tune when I can take a 20 miler. So just doing some errands out to the suburbs with one climb that showed the power behind the REV 2. Kept the gear I was riding in the flat and punched and spun uphill without a change of gear. The double shifter on the left hand bar end works fantastic. That’s primarily because it’s Campy and not anything I have done. So smooth shifting, easy braking, superior climbing, hands and saddle position made this test ride a breeze.

The ride out to Costco in St. Louis Park was touch and go through a neighborhood I am not familiar with. I know  a rail crossing and aim myself in that direction. The slide show has a picture of this rail crossing, which intersects with the Cedar Lake Trail. We should be grateful the railroad company doesn’t fence this section in. Not to worry. I wasn’t the only suburban trekker using this crossing on a busy Saturday afternoon.



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