Holes in the street

Road conditions are  dictating our transportation choices with greater transparency this Spring more than ever. Complaining to your local DOT won’t help when the roads are broken and the burden of cost are on you. Broken roads lead to broken auto’s. DOT isn’t paying your mechanic, you are. The enlightened are leaving their auto’s at home. Taking the bike doesn’t have to be a conscious choice for many this year. Behavior from autolicious to bikalicious has gained  momentum and I see this behavior everyday in Minneapolis. Motives to start biking don’t have to always be economic but can be  simple. Biking in Minneapolis is now faster than Bus and just as fast as the car in most situations. Neighborhoods are littered with parked cars making narrowing streets bikealicious. The grid has become gridlock with the outcome favoring the bike.

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Holes in the street will get fixed sometime and will reappear as tax assessments. There is a saying Minnesotans like to tell about the seasons, “There are two seasons in Minnesota, Winter and Road Repair”.


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