Hey Rider!!!


Crusty and dirty but very functional transportation. This rider was one of hundreds that turned out for the 2011 City of Lakes Loppet events last weekend. The weather was above freezing then. Since Monday we have been -10 each morning after mid-night. Brrrr. This weather does not stop many outdoors people. Dogs get walked, runners get stretched and bicyclist roll right along. The momentum starts with dressing for the weather, mentally warming to the idea that you are getting outdoors and then pushing on through the door to the other side. Pretty complicated stuff when taking into account will power. If we had to wait for an above freezing temperature to go outdoors, that would have been a long wait. It was 5 weeks in a row below 32 degrees since December 30th. Yeah, plenty of indoor home gyms and gym rats keeping in shape but for the rest of us embracing the outdoors is more freeing and healthier.”One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” –Henry Miller


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