Redefining the Street

Before Super Bowl Sunday happens tomorrow the rest of the world has all eyes on the middle east. If you have paid attention to the clashes in the streets of Cairo there is a sort of gamesmen quality to it all. Alas,collateral casualties and self-immolations aside there reported very little escalating violence. Tho the stakes being played are with real people hurting in many ways and that of a government reluctant to put on more hurt. Is regime oppression redefining itself?  How are the people working toward peace being redefined ? Reading in the NY Times today it struck me how political change taking place explains the peoples redefinition of themselves. Two observations: “the power in the street is a new social power” and the push for change is “strong enough to lead a street movement” Redefining a people is being repeated again. It happened when the Wall came down 2 decades ago. Street movements can happen anywhere and in any place. So bicyclist who feel you want more than sport after Sundays’ game there is life beyond the Stupor Bowl. Does your view of bicycle use define yourself? Can a street revolution in Cairo inspire you to redefine the bicycle?  Are you strong enough to lead a street movement?  Solidarity in the street is the new social power.


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