Eat less and Move more

The federal government has finally said in plain language to eat less and move more. American lifestyle is to blame for obesity and overweight consumers. Increasing waistlines are a personal matter don’t you think? Will power has much to do with daily physical activity. Ask yourself, do I walk anywhere or bike to places or am I dependent on motorized transportation? What’s stopping me from small natural steps to loosing weight and gaining strength? Portion size is your choice. Does the government saying eat less resonate? I doubt that it does for most of us. What is the internal voice saying to us? How much attention do we pay when our cloths don’t fit? Feeling guilty and ashamed has become the normal. Why do we feel the way we do after Taco Bell? Enjoying good food with friends and family is one of life’s pleasures. Make each meal a celebration and thanks with those who share in your life. If you stuff yourself into an ever expanding box remember it is the only box you get in this life. Educating yourself is as easy as going online. Afterwards the choice is always yours. Daily organic motion is eating less and moving more if you have forgotten that is how the body works.


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