Masi Repurpose Rev 2

I finally took the tube cutter to the Masi FSA drop bars. The Masi started as a flat bar bike when I became its most recent owner. In the summer of 2010 I was sick and tired of that set up so I bought a set of FSA ergo bars, used campy downtube shifters and dia-comp levers. The reason I went retro-repurpose with the drop bars was strictly for creativity but also economics. Sure I could blow a wad on combo brake and levers. Like $ 200 and up. Using new FSA bars from Bike Nashbar $16 delivered. Brake levers from One on One $ 5 and the superb Campy Levers from Recycle $20. This my friend was a steal. The mash up of parts gave me a unique look but also a great long distance ride. The Masi was finally set up the way I wanted it. It was inevitable though for this new Rev 2 conversion to happen before Spring. All my other bikes are sporting the Rev 2. It’s like now I can ride in comfort on all my bikes. I can’t wait for the streets to thaw. Sometime in March, oohhh.


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