Bike Share

This is the Rollo that we share. All the low end bikes in our household are shared. What I mean by low end is the bike was free or falls somewhere in the realm of cheap and easy. Ask if you want to ride my road bike. What if we didn’t actually own bikes and all we had to do was swipe our credit card anytime we wanted to ride? Pretty convenient stuff in a perfect world. Would that world be better? Like a condo association for biking, no maintenance, repairs, just a fee for using. Like hour car for biking, take it and leave it anywhere as long as you use it, still just a fee. No matter, this would be a bargain for most Americans. First, let’s talk fees. Initially this won’t cost most people anything. By clearing out garage of dads vintage 70’s bikes that no one has ridden in 30 years there is immediate cash flow. Take off and enjoy for a season the space you created in the garage. Look for more stuff to sell, skate, Nordic Track, Canoe, cross country skis, bar bells, bowling ball, walking stick, you see the profits rolling in and another biking season ahead is paid for. Look at all the stuff you don’t need to own anymore. Pretty soon you can rent out the garage to some dude that’s even got less than you. Start your own community right now by using bike share.


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