Comfort and Performance

Possibly you have seen this bike posted in the archives. My first blog header photo was of the Raleigh. This is the Rev 2 handlebar with reverse brake levers. Throughout the Fall we rode this bike and the Rollo and now into the winter the Raleigh has not had much road time. The streets are fairly icy and falling off the Rollo is more graceful. My update with this picture is to let all of you know how things are going with Daily Organic Motion LLC. So far as making prototypes, I am getting close to sourcing parts from overseas. And will then make bar end sets for sale to retailers. The handlebar has a foreign license granted while the patent is examined. Product developers are looking at licensing and I have had some rejection. Not enough to be discouraging. Actually pretty healthy is how I would put it. There are a number of irons in the fire and looking at many angles. Believing one thing and having experts in a field examine that thing has been exciting. I have made a couple professional contacts at the research level who may be interested in studying the biomechanics of the handlebar. My perception is the handlebar has a sensible level of comfort and performance is better than a flat bar design, duh. But, also comparing the crunched over design of racing handlebars, the Rev 2 also comes out ahead. Just me saying. When put into perspective, the one percent of the population that rides can not do much better for comfort and performance. The Rev 2 handlebar puts the sense back into sensibility.


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