Sven and Ollie

Ad from BackPacker March 2011. Tourism in Norway with honest copy and opportunistic picture. Bikers seem to have gotten off the beaten path. Possibly the backpack conceals a parachute for base jumping and the bikes are only a diversionary tactic. More than likely some ad guy was on a party/adventure weekend with his buddies and thought, cool, two dudes standing on a boulder, pondering the moment with trekking bikes. Digital Snap with the pocket camera and quick review on the LCD screen thinking, might the viewer of this ad salivate for nature? Ad guy facebooks picture so his account team can review before weekend is up, gets rave reviews and is hero on Monday morning with client meeting to conceptualize “Powered by Nature,” it is a catchy phrase. But you have to understand that Norway takes its energy seriously. North Sea Oil exports and hydroelectric  are big in the country. Norway has an enviable work ethic and for a country of 5 million maintains strong cultural ties that has left relatively few behind. In another post called Power of Few I said that few people are motivated to ride. In our culture we place little or no thought on energy, our own energy and the energy we consume. Can we learn from Norwegians and others Powered by Nature? Good habits are hard to develop and bad habits are harder to break. The power of few can be you, and you and you. Did you hear the one about Sven and Ollie? Next time.


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