Mister! and Misses!

I did not make this up. The identity of the people are lost on me other than they are from the suburban city of Bloomington Minnesota. It was a Sunday morning this past summer as I was passing them on Lake Calhoun when I accosted them. Yes, I did some really upfront and personal marketing at the time. Here were two wonderful people riding bikes when I asked them to pull over to interview and take pictures. According to the gentleman these bikes have been hanging in the garage for 15 years. By their admission they don’t ride bikes much. The one upgrade to ensure a comfortable ride around the 3 mile lake is padded seat covers.  They are the Mister and Misses demographic target that mass market bicycle sales are based on. The “idea” to own a bike is greater than the “idea” to ride a bike. What would a suburban garage be if it did not have the requisite hanging bike. What kind of parent are you if you can’t ride down the cul de sac along side your child on training wheels. What kind of American doesn’t own a bike as a way to cling onto the once robust childhoods we fondly remember before the electronic age overtook us?

“Mister!” “What is it Misses?” My bum hurts. I’m too sweaty. Who was that guy who just took our picture?


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