Every Day I Need Attention

Edina Minnesota is known as America’s first city to build a covered Mall; a place where the moniker given to housewives is, every day I need attention. An ad mans’ paradise couldn’t have been better scripted from Mad Men. The city is stuck in the 1950’s somewhere between color and black and white and the people like it that way. For now I think of color with all this white stuff, snow covering everything. Color is the emotion of the earth and people color  the motion on the earth.

On a cold January day I spotted two cyclist riding the one stretch of France avenue that I have occasionally used, this being a straight shot to ‘the Mall’ from the city of Lakes, Minneapolis. From what is predicted to be increasing gas prices this summer, the creep, roll and flow of cyclist from the city will soon infiltrate grey suburbs where residents most likely are to drive. Color comes to the American suburb in the form of cyclist for the first time since the 1950’s to places like Edina, where Mad Men put the spin into ‘spend’.


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