No excuses

What is the big deal with riding in the winter? Clothing should be a no brainer. It is cold outside so figure out what keeps you warm before you strike off on a ride.  Don’t know where to start, then look closely at the type of apparel you already own. There may be ‘cross over ‘ gear that you can use for biking activities. Still don’t know what to wear? Most people will tell  you to layer your clothing. I’ll tell you to put a hat on and your layers on at least five minutes before you leave the house or office so that you bring your temperature up to toasty so that you start out warm when you hit the street. If you are still reluctant to extend your biking season then try taking a walk for seven days in a row to acclimate yourself to your winter environment. While winter biking is just one of many daily motions, outdoor walking and running complement bicycling. I emphasis outdoor since the effect is to get out of the house and office as much as possible in the winter. So don’t make excuses for your winter fat and how you are a couch potato. One more day of cold weather biking is one less day of winter!


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  1. Playing outside in the winter is a lot of fun. Once you learn to dress for it – no real excuse to hide inside.

    Mountain biking during the winter is worth the effort – give it a try.

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