Winter Biking is hot!

Last week the cover story of winter activities in and around Minneapolis Minnesota could notably be a first to feature winter bicycling due to the brilliant editorial decision to devote cover art to winter biking, see at The center spread article topped other winter outdoor activities which actually rely on snow, cold and ice. Officially this month 33.5 inches of snow has fallen on the city. Bikers are out as soon as streets and trails are clear. Traffic is slowing down for a few months and this might be the best time to ride. One unintended consequence of the record snowfall is parking restrictions in effect until April 1st. Automobiles are required to park only on the odd side of residential streets making biking safe for falls and spin outs. The snowball effect spills over onto city two lane arteries that have narrowed down  to one and a half lanes slowing traffic to a creep. Bikers have half a lane now to themselves and generally this is a far safer situation. Mother nature is working for bikers this winter and it feels great to be part of it all. 


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