The Bike, the road, the load

Winter light revealed the darkness of the storm and the aftermath. Digging out or waiting for the thaw? In a way our lives can take on the quality of the weather around us. Are we constantly fretting about the cold and the darkness or does awareness of the circle we inhabit move us through our day? What are those forces which tell us we are cold and where do they come from? What keeps us in the dark when we need to pull through to the light? When we are cold we are trying to keep our energy close to us. To huddle into a familiar center in a cold safe place we guard our little bit of escaping energy.  And when the winter darkness overtakes us do we just go with it or act like we are in control. Like a winter blizzard our energy overtakes everything in its path and for better or worse the outcome can be overwhelming. What about the circle of awareness? Ok, this being a bicycle blog, the circle of awareness is your bike and where you use your bike. Are we not all totally aware when riding? Right now some of us are riding through mush and falling down. It is just going to be that way, we know it and there is nothing or nobody to stop us. The circle of awareness is the risk and potential which reveals the unknown in our presence. That something operates in real time which moves at a human pace. What does it mean to move through our day in the circle of bicycling wholly in a manner to be physically energized? To ride like only you ride is a good start. Let go and watch your control. Us Americanos live in many unique places and what I might experience could be different than yours but, we do have common ground. The bike. The road. The load.


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