While we are finished digging out from 16 inches of snow it’s time to get back onto the bike for some errands and updated pictures. Foot traffic and bicycle traffic has to contend with major snow heaps at intersections. There is no way around the situation but it has been worse in recent memory. The city last year declared one-side of the street for parking and was late doing so. Decision makers need to have a strategy for all this snow because we have 3 more snowy months at least. As the parks department is a separate division that clears the bike/pedestrian trails their work is way behind too and is compounded by street plows that have pushed big mounds of snow eliminating access for pedestrians and bikers. Going out is an adventure when the focus is primarily to accomodate automobiles.That would not be a problem in the short term but as our experience has been with the city last winter, we just suck it up and make do until the residential streets narrow down to a single lane. When this happens biking is more favorable with greater space to travel in and autos slow down considerably. Besides myself I have seen 4 riders today.


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