Big Easy Photo Gallery

This is another gallery of photos from my trip in early December to New Orleans. It is a glimpse of the “bike culture” in the French Quarter. I hope to make the point bike culture can be regional as well as sub cultural. The narrow streets lend  a slow pace to autos and biking. The touristy and 24/7 nightlife reminds me of Key West from long ago. The beater bikes dominate as I saw relatively few new bikes in the Quarter. The random sampling does not tell the whole story although I have a theory regarding bike type.  Where more people are using bikes more for everyday activities ‘beater bikes’ represent the unique flavor of the place. Beater bikes are chosen because they can be readily modified to the users liking with DIY parts without regard to a corporate fashion statement. You could say that a subculture like the French Quarter is Hippie and the cruiser fits into the lifestyle for this particular place and time. Outside the French Quarter in other  parts of the city the cruiser does not have the same following. I observed both department store mountain bikes and nice rides just a few miles from the Quarter were bike use on a beautiful Sunday afternoon was sparse. I would be interested to hear about your bike culture and sub culture from readers weither in cities, towns or suburbs. Ongoing I will report from Minneapolis my view of the bike culture. Hope you like the photos.

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