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New Orleans Balcony

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While in New Orleans the first weekend of December besides taking pictures and spending time with my family in the French Quarter and the Faubourg Marigny, we also walked all day and all night. If we had more time I undoubtably would want to rent a bike from Confederacy of Cruisers and take a tour of the city. Remember New Orleans is far from safe and there are areas still in a shambles which house some shady characters. My experience and what you see on the movie clip is the richness of the life and architecture of the old city. Sure some places need paint and if you are not familiar with hurricane shutters it does look like houses are boarded up, not so. If you have not visited New Orleans the best time to go is October through May. Stay outside the French Quarter for best room rates. For every one guest who rooms in the French Quarter there are 10 that stay outside of it. Cafe Du Monde is a must for Coffee and Beignets. Fried dough never tasted so good. The heaping powdered sugar looks inviting but refrain from inhaling the stuff. Cash only. Menu affixed to napkin holder. You can’t help making a mess of your table so go ahead and make a mess. New Orleans is like Key West in some ways or San Francisco or Amsterdam. People are genuinely friendly and take the time to tell you about themselves. The passerby who tipped us to dinner at Olivier’s and the rabbit she loved, that I had for my meal. The sign painter in front of the Music Factory Store who wanted to introduce us to the owner. The bartender that told us all about Drive Through Daiquiri stores. Yes, it does not make sense. There is a life blood in New Orleans running through it, an identity that I barely scratched the surface.


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