Going to School

Was brisk this morning when these kids came in to get a hair cut before school. Yosh wanted a Pompador. Nick set up shop downstairs and an hour later off they went on their bikes. Yosh had started out very early as he has about a 8 mile ride. Nick has to go about 5 blocks. Even so they have fellow students that drive cars those 5 blocks. These kids are not missing a thing when they ride bikes. 



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3 responses to “Going to School

  1. Found you via your Copenhagenize comment. Cool bike pics (from America!). Maybe it’s just me but your site took a loooong time to load and scrolling was very slow. Is that something you should know? Keep the cycling pictures /posts coming!

    • Great to hear from you, the blog is very new and I’m getting my feet wet so to speak. About the time it takes for the site to load I can only say on my end I have a 12meg download from Comcast and that is an improvement from a month ago when we were at about 2 meg. Are you writing from LA? I’ve heard good things about biking in LA. Will keep pictures coming. I’ll post more of New Orleans tomorrow.

  2. Nice…Although, personally I wouldn’t get a thrill out riding in rigid cold weather. Yeah it would be healthy and exciting, but my nose would run…which cancels out the healthy and exciting?

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