Who Dat?

I just got back from New Orleans where the living is slow and the good times roll. The bicycle scene is really laid back. If it wasn’t for  Michael’s shop in the Faubourg Marigny most rides would be hurting like a cuban 57 chevy. What they lack in luster they make up in soul. The people I chatted with about biking were real positive about riding in New Orleans. It’s a compact city with many venues for destinations. The best thing New Orleans has is its a clean slate. The bike scene is DIY, no retailer can make money off just repairs and parts and no one wants to buy new because few can afford new. The lowest denominator seems to be working here  and that is very positive in my opinion. People ride for many reasons here. One thing about New Orleans is parking a car is often a hassle. The city is old and was built long before the popularity of the automobile. A bicyclist can get around on a grid system of streets. Even the major avenues are lightly traveled. I saw bicyclist even using the cement right of way on the streetcar line as a thoroughfare. I would give New Orleans a hearty Aye Matey. Get on your bikes Pirates and ride. Looks like a bunch of fun,


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