Power of Few

Hanging Rollo

The last snow and freezing temperatures have socked in Lake Calhoun  the next 3 months. This lake is dangerous now until the ice freezes to six inches. Much of the winter there is a surprising amount of people that bicycle. The four season cyclist iss very much on a slow but manageable pace. All the fair weather people are putting on their winter fat, or skiing and running. Why would anyone want to cycle in this weather would you ask? It’s not why a person bicycles but rather why not? Doesn’t it seem evident that our process to add shit or take away shit is really the same no matter who we are. Cycling year round or for that matter just the  act of getting on a bike adds shit like quietness, fleeting motion and thinking time. Cycling takes away shit too like that bloated consumer feeling of being normal. If you came here to hear me gloat about all bicycle things cool and glossy there won’t be much of that. I don’t have a connection with the bicycle industry and I have grave doubts that this industry is anything other than a good ole boys club in dire need of new customers. I have made comments locally about the lowest denominator in bicycle ridership. These are the people who choose to ride or have no choice at all. There are no stats or figures to back up who these people are but you see them in cities everyday. Looking around you see their bikes too. This lowest denominator commonly has multiple reasons for riding. Which brings me to the question, if so few people have multiple reasons for riding does that make the people who don’t ride less imaginative or uncaring or uneducated or superior beings with a personality disorder?

I think luxury could be at the core of why people ride bikes in small numbers. Luxury is the perception of value that exceeds and pleases. Riding in a car going where you want to go when you want to go is a kind of luxury. Most Americans indulge in this luxury. For our transportation needs the lowest denominator finds their way around by thinking first why don’t I just ride my bike. Then looking at the opportunity making a conscious choice. Does that make the luxury bound void when they drive off in their car?  Yes, car drivers that only drive are void citizens of the world. Bicyclist that only recreate are pretty close to the void too. The American cycling experience can not be improved without you.  So very few people have the power to self motivate to be the power of few. What can you do to help?


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