36 Hours in New Orleans



Dual Fun

Salary Man

Cycle Chic

Art for Arts Sake

What we do for money


Who Dat?

On the set


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2 responses to “36 Hours in New Orleans

  1. Impressive, is there a reason why people are cycling so ordinarily? I don’t think I ever heard of high rates of cycling in New Orleans.

    • These cyclist are in the French Quarter and more likely coming from the Marigny neighborhood. This really is just one part of New Orleans, a very compact city, and as I only had a day to explore I did not see much more of the city. So to answer your question, no, rates are not high even by American standards, but we wonder why that is. Think of a square and the box “normal” consumers live in. One side is “luxury” One side is “addiction” One side is “powerlessness” and One side is “will”. These are the familiar words of alcoholics and addicts. Even with alcoholics recovery is only at 30 percent. Cycling rates in the Europe are not that much higher. Consumers are the norm, they are like the party going on in the bar. Bicyclist are like the alcoholic, outside, in motion, getting on with their lives one day at a time. There is very little we can do as cyclist other than to ride, imagine and discover since “normal” consumer don’t see themselves inside a box. With that said, I am researching on the web the bicycle”scene” in city and towns. There is very little public information which is pulling together the micro scenes in America.

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