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Americanize so be it. I like Amsterdamize.

This is a feel good post from our neighbors in Europe. They know what makes you feel good must be good. Since I am all about Daily Organic Motion, the post really says it all. Get on your bike and move it. With winter barely at our door and winter daylight hours short,  it  takes routine to establish some good habits. Now don’t go out and buy new gear since loads of stuff you already own can crossover. Just remember basic stuff like your temperature control is number one. What the temperature and wind chill are will determine how you dress. The same side of that coin is your metabolism. Personally I run on the hot side. So what works for me won’t work for the person running cold. Rule of thumb, “dress like your mother would dress you”. So look at your base layer, anything other than cotton. Fleece is great in multiple layers and weights. Sturdy ski goggles for windy and when the wind chill is below your comfort level. Otherwise, go out and try different combinations of overclothes. Insulated boots, insulated gloves and warm socks. Remember you should be riding at a steady pace which is much slower than your fair weather pace. Like they say on Bike in Minneapolis. Cheating death at 8 miles per hour. Do more motion on your bike.


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